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15th August 2022

Marchants Nursery (Wholesale) in Wimborne was established in the 1930s growing unusual shrubs and trees in the ground.

Marchants Nursery in Wimborne was first known as Keepers Hill Nursery and was founded by William James Marchant in 1938. The Nursery was then taken over in 1954 by Charles James Marchant who grew a large range of unusual stock in the ground until due to ill health he sold the nursery to the current land owner in 1986 who changed the name to Marchants Nursery, since then the nursery has been gradually redeveloped to be a wholesale supplier of hardy nursery stock currently producing up to 180.000 container grown shrubs and herbaceous periennials, which we supply to garden centres, landscapers, local authorities and other wholesale nurseries each year.


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