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15th August 2022
  • We supply top quality U.K. grown shrubs, herbaceous, ferns and grasses

  • We still propogate most of our shrubs from our own stock plants

  • We treat all our plants with compost "T" so fewer pesticides are used

  • We grow most of our stock on capillary beds minimising our water use

  • We use compost which is less than 50% peat, even for our ericaceous varieties

  • We provide a regular delivery round and van sales to garden centres

  • We can send weekly or fortnightly looking good lists by fax or e-mail

  • We can picture label, pre-price and bar code if required

  • We also supply the landscape trade, delivered or collected

  • We can also source complete orders for landscape supply

  • We are just a phone call/email away!!! 01202 873140 /


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